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General Information and Expectations during the Pandemic

Informacion General y Expectativas durante la Pandemia

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May 19, 2020 Presiding Judge's Administrative Order, limiting persons inside the buildings:

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 The Clerk of the Superior Court has prepared a guideline on how to file documents during the limited access to the courthouse (AO-2020-010) issued in May, 27 of 2020 by presiding Judge Thomas Fink. Click here for more information.

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El Actuario del Tribunal Superior ha preparado lineamientos para presentar documentos durante este tiempo de acceso limitado al tribunal (AO-2020-010) que entro en vigor el 27 de Mayo de 2020 por el Juez que preside la Corte Thomas Fink. Para mas informacion haga click aqui.

COVID-19 and Family Court Guidelines for Parenting Time

The COVID-19 pandemic has created or could create challenges with the regular exchange of children for parenting time and visitation. Family Court Guidelines for Parenting Time of Children During the COVID-19 Pandemic have been adopted by the Arizona Supreme Court to encourage families to follow their existing parenting time and visitation plans as closely as possible to give children a sense of consistency and stability while being mindful of the community’s health and safety. The guidelines are meant to help families adjust to the work and school changes created by the pandemic and to reduce the demands on the court during this time of reduced staff and social distancing, understanding that the needs of each family are different.

Guidelines for parenting time English
Directrices de Regimen de Visitas Español

Please click on the following links for a short video with useful information regarding :

Parenting Time During COVID-19 

Child Support During COVID-19 

Child Support and the CARES Act. FAQ English

Preguntas frecuentes  sobre la pension de menores y 
la Ley CARES  Español

Self-help program (New)

The Arizona Superior Court in Santa Cruz County is providing self-help assistance to self-represented litigants to facilitate access to justice.

The Arizona Supreme Court Strategic Agenda:  Advancing Justice Together
Thank you for using the website for the Arizona Superior Court of Santa Cruz County. If this website does not meet all of your needs, feel free to contact the Clerk of the Superior Court by phone at 520-375-7700 or by emailing one of the Clerk of Superior Court staff members.

Also New (Click on image below for access)

AZPOINT, the Arizona Protective Order Initiation and Notification Tool, has been designed to help you fill out a petition for an Order of Protection. Through an interview in AZPOINT, you can quickly and accurately fill out the forms that are needed to request an Order of Protection at an Arizona court. An Order of Protection is a court order that is issued to stop a person from committing domestic violence or from contacting other people protected by the order. The portal will also help you figure out whether you (the plaintiff) and the person from whom you are seeking protection (the defendant) have a qualifying relationship for an Order of Protection. Your information will be saved in AZPOINT for up to 90 days. At any time during this 90-day period, you may take the next step of filing your petition at an Arizona court. Until you file your petition at a court, you will be able to return to AZPOINT to update your information if necessary. You are encouraged to speak to a victim advocate before you file your petition. An advocate can help you make a safety plan and give you more information about how an Order of Protection works and how it will be served on the defendant. For more information, click on the image.

Helpful Resources

The use of a licensed attorney to help you handle your case is suggested, as he or she can provide valuable knowledge and experience to assist you. However, if you chose to represent yourself in the court process, you may find forms to assist you here. The links below will take you to the Self Service Center websites.  We will accept these forms.
The forms can be printed and filed at the Superior Court in Santa Cruz County, 2160 North Congress Drive in Nogales, but you must change the court name on the forms from Maricopa to Santa Cruz before filing the forms with the Superior Court in Santa Cruz County. All forms and information must be filed in English.

AZTurbo Court

The State of Arizona provides each Superior Court with the following TurboCourt forms for ease of use in Family Law cases.  Need forms for Separation or a Divorce?  Generate and print forms by completing an intelligent questionnaire through TurboCourt (for a $15.00 fee) for the following:

  • Start a dissolution of marriage/divorce case
  • Start a legal separation case
  • Respond to a dissolution of marriage/divorce case
  • Respond to a legal separation case
  • Create a Parenting Plan
  • Request findings of fact and conclusions of law before the trial of an existing family law case.  (Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure, Rule 82)
  • Request a dissolution of marriage/divorce decree
  • Request a legal separation decree
  • Request an entry of default

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Agenda Estrategica de la Corte Suprema de Arizona

 Gracias por utilizar la página web del Tribunal del Condado de Santa Cruz. Si la información en esta página no satisface sus necesidades, favor de comunicarse a la oficina del Secretario de la Corte Superior al teléfono 520-375-7700 o bien contáctenos por medio de los correos electrónicos de nuestro personal indicados en esta página.

Sugerimos el uso de un abogado para que lo asista con su caso, ya que este podrá proveer de extenso conocimiento y experiencia para ayudarlo. Sin embargo, si usted decide representarse a usted mismo en el proceso judicial, podrá encontrar formularios para su asistencia en el siguiente enlace.

Estos formularios se encuentran en la página del Condado de Maricopa, los cuales son aceptados en el Condado de Santa Cruz ubicado en 2160 Norte Congress Dr., en Nogales, Arizona; siempre y cuando en el documento se substituya el nombre del Condado de Maricopa con el nombre del Condado de Santa Cruz.

Aunque el Estado de Arizona ha proporcionado estos formularios en Español, TODOS los formularios deben ser presentados al tribunal en Ingles.