Environmental Health


The Environmental Health Department works to protect the citizens of and visitors to Santa Cruz County from hazards that can develop in those places that are used by everyone. Twice a year the department inspects such public places as:
  • Manufactured home trailer parks
  • Mobile food vendors
  • Public swimming pools
  • Recreational trailer parks
  • Restaurants
  • Retail food stores
  • School cafeterias and facilities
  • Temporary event food vendors
  • Transient dwellings like motels
Inspections determine how closely a business is following the particular code that regulates them. When violations of the code are found, the inspectors work with the business owners to correct them as quickly as possible.

Drinking Water Protection

Another important aspect of our jobs is to protect the county’s drinking water from contamination. Therefore, we review the plans for and conduct inspections of all new septic systems being installed in the county. We also inspect any major repairs to septic systems. We approve the plans that are sent to the state for developing drinking water wells. A failing septic system or other surfacing sewage is a major public health threat. Our department responds quickly to such violations to ensure correction.

Public Education

Although the bottom line is enforcement of the codes, all of us in the department subscribe to a philosophy of education. We believe an educated public will develop habits that help keep the whole community healthy. We strive to educate home owners and business owners of the correct ways to implement the codes governing them. We hold Food Handler Training in English and in Spanish at least once a month.

Department Environmental Health Specialists

The department’s registered sanitarians have been schooled in environmental concerns, have passed a stringent Arizona state examination, and must earn continuing education credits every year to maintain their registration. Our sanitarian aides also attend seminars, conferences, and have worked numerous years in the environmental health field making them valuable resources in our office and in the field.

More Information

Please review the Regulatory Bill of Rights, ARS 11-1602, for more information.


To protect and promote continual improvement of environmental health in the county through the use of sound, progressive approaches to responsible development and use of the environment.

Division Goals & Objectives

  • Advance the use of state of the art technologies to improve efficiency and availability of data for public benefit.
  • Incorporate new rules and regulations in a manner which minimizes any negative impacts, and maximizes advantages for the community.
  • Increase cooperative interactions with community members, organizations, and agencies.
  • Maintain highly qualified, efficient, and service oriented staff.