Mission Statement

It is the mission of Santa Cruz County Animal Care & Control to serve and provide all people within our jurisdiction with the highest level of animal services. We are committed to the protection of our citizens and animals by enforcement of state and local laws. Additionally we are dedicated to our personnel by providing continuous training to better serve our community and protect its animals.

Report an Animal-Related Issue

To report any complaints on stray dogs, wildlife, bites or attacks, injured animals, sick animals, cruelty / neglect to animals, or any other concerns you might have please call us at 520-761-7860.

If calling after regular business hours, City residents should call the Police Department at 520-287-9111 and County residents should call the Sheriff Department at 520-761-7869.


There's a new "driving force" in the battle against pet overpopulation...
...Arizona's pet-friendly license plate!
                 Arizona Pet Friendly License Plate


It shows others how much you love animals - and it pays for spay and neuter services statewide to help end pet overpopulation! This gorgeous, four-color specialty license plate features original work by renowned artist RON BURNS and a tag line that reads, "Pets Enrich Our Lives."

It's a must have for anyone who wants to make the world a better place for animal in our state. Best of all, this specialty plate is just $25 - and $17 from the sale of each pet-friendly license plate is deposited into a fund that pays for spay and neuter services for dogs and cats across Arizona!

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