*Certificate of Purchase available after April 1, 2021.* 

 Make Payments Online 

The Santa Cruz County Treasurer's Office is now accepting credit card payments online or by phone! The Treasurer's Office can now process payments via Point & Pay. 

Convenience Fee

For all credit cards, Point & Pay charges 2.5% on top of your tax payment as a service fee. VISA Debit cards have a fee of $3.95. All e-checks have a convenience fee of $2.50. For e-check, please be accurate when entering routing and account number information. The Treasurer's Office will charge a $25 fee for returned checks. 

No Hidden or Additional Fees

The Santa Cruz County Treasurer's Office does not receive any portion of the convenience fee. For online payments, the Santa Cruz County Treasurer's Office is not permitted to charge additional fees. In addition, the Treasurer's Office is not allowed to deduct banking fees from the tax (levy) collected, which would result in apportioning a lesser amount to the taxing jurisdictions.

Pay Now

By clicking the payment methods image below you are confirming that you understand the conditions listed above. You will now be leaving the Santa Cruz County website.

Electronic payments take 3 to 4 business days to be processed and entered into our system.
PLEASE make sure you are paying on the correct parcel number. Also you are paying Property Taxes for Santa Cruz County in ARIZONA.



Payment Methods Logos

Pay By Phone

If you would like to pay by phone, please call 520-375-7980 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. MST, Monday through Friday. (Fees will apply)

About the Treasurer's Office

The Santa Cruz County Treasurer is the fiscal custodian of the county and is responsible for the administration and control of cash and securities. The duties involved in this responsibility include:

  • Tax administration
  • Receipt, deposit, and disbursement of cash
  • Supervision of county bank accounts
  • Cash flow projections
  • Short-term investment of idle funds
  • Long-term investment of trust funds
  • Debt management
  • Registration of warrants
The County Treasurer plays a crucial role in county government administration