2012 Teacher of the Year

Mr. David Thompson
A.J. Mitchell Elementary School
Nogales Unified School District # 1
Principal: Dr. Molly Alcaraz

My philosophy In education includes the concept that a thorough grounding in my subject area is necessary to ensure that I am prepared for every contingency. My personal teaching style is not just a dog and pony show- I am not there to merely entertain and amuse my students (although I can, and sometimes do!) but to facilitate their learning and help them discover how they, as individuals, learn best. It is gratifying when I see that my students actually look forward to those lessons and participate enthusiastically.
Mr. David Thompson smiles for the camera
Teacher of the Year Runner Up
Ms. Sarah Swann
Pierson Vocational High School
Nogales Unified School District # 1
Principal: Mr. Joel Kramer

A true teacher is one that can inspire students and help them to become excited to learn and understand. The most rewarding part of teaching is knowing that I am affecting the future of the community by preparing students to transition into competent adults. My personal teaching style is a little crazy. I try to make learning exciting and engaging.
Photograph of Ms. Sarah Swann