Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

Science follows us wherever we go. From the electricity that we use, to the coffee machines we operate in the morning, to the friction and force that we exert on Earth as we walk to our destination. And, because science is so universal, scientists have established differentiated venues for its vast array of relativity including; behavioral science, biological science, chemistry, astronomy, zoology, etc. But, most of us fail to recognize that most things we use on a daily basis like our cars, the lighting fixtures in our houses, and the computers we take advantage of wouldn’t be possible without science. Living in a fast-paced society deters us from understanding the importance of science and its real-life applications. Thus, the Metromatematicas program in association with C.R.E.O. gives young students an opportunity to establish a relationship with science by harnessing a curriculum that revolves around S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).


​The Significance of STEM

Science, Technology, Engineering,
and Math are naturally intimidating subjects for students but they shouldn’t be. Furthermore, the Metromatematicas program purposely utilizes a fun, outgoing, and hands-on approach to annihilate the fear and intimidation that students have when it comes to science, technology, engineering, and math. Thus, it is one of our goals to introduce a new perspective for students to adopt when interacting with S.T.E.M. related subjects. In order to create a positive and exciting learning environment for students, MetroMatematicas strategically diverts from the usual classroom method that relies heavily on active participation from students. The program focuses on the learning capabilities and enthusiasm of students to help them understand various S.T.E.M. subjects. In addition, it prepares each participating student for post-secondary educational success and establishes a student identity relative to a variety of professions that have science-related areas. Building a professional identity for each student motivates them to further their education while simultaneously helping them pursue their professional intuition. It is essentially our mission to galvanize the inception of a dream and help each student triumph through educational obstacles to reach the goal of a prosperous career.


  • Utilize an applied practice curriculum that employs current technology used in S.T.E.M. fields
  • Help our students establish a career identity
  • Fortify our students to be academically prepared, resilient, and perseverant,
  • Provide a Lab-Type environment to coach students on the utilization of precision measuring equipment and other scientific apparatuses
  • Launch an Advanced Lab where students will engage in sophisticated studies with various approaches