2019 Read Across America

2019 Read across America/Read on Santa Cruz County Week

Once again, the Santa Cruz County School Superintendent’s Office and School Superintendent Alfredo I. Velásquez, celebrated, along with 35 Private Schools, Charter Schools, and Public Elementary Schools within our county, National Read Across America/Read on Santa Cruz County Week from February 28th to March 8th.

With the coordination of Ms. Patricia Barraza-Preciado (Santa Cruz County School Superintendent’s Office,) they had over 108 volunteers from all across Santa Cruz County, read to each and every classroom in our educational community. The main goal of this event is to encourage our children to read and to love reading at an early age. It’s one of the most important things we can do as parents and as a community. It sets the foundation for a lifetime of success.

The Santa Cruz County School Superintendent’s Office would like to thank each and everyone who volunteered a couple of hours of their busy day to participate in this wonderful event. The children of Santa Cruz County, THANK YOU as well.


Ms. Lee Ann Richards (McDonald’s sponsor)

Mr. James Quinet (McDonald’s sponsor)

Santa Cruz County

Mr. George Silva (SCC Attorney’s Office)

Ms. Liz Gutfahr (SCC Treasurer)

Ms. Suzie Sainz (SCC Recorder)

Ms. Sonia Jones (SCC Human Resources)

Mr. Juan Pablo Guzman (SCC Clerk of Courts)

Captain Ruben Fuentes

Lieutenant Gerry Castillo

Lieutenant Raoul Rodriguez

Commander Santiago Gonzalez

Ms. Maria Martinez (SCC Finance Department)

Ms. Sonia Jones (SCC Human Resources)

Mr. Mauricio Chavez (SCC Finance Department)

Mr. Chris Young (SCC School Superintendents)

Ms. Maya Donnelly (SCC School Superintendents)

Ms. Terri Sprigg (SCC School Superintendents)

Mr. Adrian Chamberlain (SCC School Superintendents)

Mr. Sergio Delgado (SCC School Superintendent’s)

Ms. Melissa Corella (SCC School Superintendents)

Mr. Henry Holguin (SCC Superintendents)

Mr. Rene Grijalva (SCC Superintendents)

Ms. Clair Danielson (SCC Superintendents)

Ms. Alma Feria (SCC Superintendents)

Mr. Sergio Delgado (SCC Superintendent’s)

Ms. Georgina Parra (SCC Superintendents)

Ms. Patricia Barraza-Preciado (SCC Superintendent’s)

Ms. Chris Bachelier (U of A Cooperative Extension)

Ms. Sandra Davila (SCC School Superintendents)

Ms. Cristina Pereda (SCC Treasurers)

Ms. Liz Tolano (SCC Board of Supervisors)

Mr. Juan Balderas (SCC IT Department)

Mr. Luis Gonzales (SCC Recorder)

Santa Cruz Barr Association

Mr. Luis Parra

Mr. Greg Solares

Ms. Lilian Ortega

Mr. Michael Massy

Ms. Kim Hunley

Mr. Enrique Gonzales Jr.

Ms. Vanessa Cartwright

Mr. Joe Rueda

City of Nogales

Dr. Marcelino Varona

Ms. Danitza Lopez

Ms. Michelle Zuniga

Mr. Jose Preciado

Mr. Robert Rojas

Mr. Esteban Michelle

U.S. Border Patrol Agents

Alan Regalado

Lenny Queria

James St-Louis

Asael Blanco

David Ruiz

Daniel Zuniga

Frank Novotny

Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District

Mr. David Verdugo (Superintendent)

Mr. Steve Schadler (Assistant Superintendent)

Ms. Susan Faubion (Board Member)

Mr. Dominic Armijo

Nogales Unified School District

Fernando Parra (Superintendent)

Angel Canto (Assistant Superintendent)

Ms. Mayra Zuniga (Human Resources)

Ms. Kathy Scott (Grants Director)

Ms. Julie Ulrich (Retired educator)

Patagonia Unified School District

Ms. Aisha Sander (Board Member)

Ms. Kathy Pasierb (Board Member)

Ms. Nancy McCoy (Board Member)

Santa Cruz County Provisional Community College District

Dr. Stella Perez (Chief Executive Director)

Ms. Leticia Cuevas

Ms. Christie Monreal

Ms. Georgina Talavera

Nogales Woman’s Club

Ms. Marta Valenzuela

Ms. Renee Guevarra

Ms. Esther Morales

Ms. Barbara Hyde

Ms. Linda Larriva

Ms. Patty Molina

Ms. Cecilia Kory

Ms. Renee Neuman

Nogales Lions Club

Ms Claudia Wise

Ms. Dina Sanchez

Ms. Sandra Davila

Ms. Sonia Sanchez

Ms. Viviana Corella

Ms. Selene Abril

Nogales Rotary Club

Mr. Abelardo Duran

Mr. Paul Hathway

Members of the Community

Rio Rico Firefighters

Tubac Firefighters

Mr. Francisco Padilla (First Things First)

Ms. Jennifer Argyros

Ms. Claudia Herrera (Nogales Head Start)

Ms. Hilary Felix

Ms. Kim Corsaro

Ms. Nisa Talavera

Members of the NHS Interact Club