What else should I know?
When the Office of the Public Fiduciary is conservator of the estate, an Estate Administrator is assigned to the case to do the following:
  • Investigate and collect money and assets, of the client.
  • Pays bills out of the clients estate.
  • Enters into and completes contracts on behalf of the client.
  • Defends the clients in any legal proceedings.

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1. What is expected of a person or agency after making the initial referral?
2. Does the referral of a client to the office of the public fiduciary mean that the client now becomes the Office of Public Fiduciary's responsibility?
3. What if there are other family members?
4. Is there a cost?
5. What does the Office of the Public Fiduciary do for the clients after appointment by the court?
6. What else should I know?